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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Setareh Eslam

[Date:] 23 Ordibehesht 1334 [14 May 1955]

[Issue No:] 168


How the order to close down and occupy the nest [was issued]

An order was given to the national police authorities to conduct a full investigation about this matter and present a report.

As stated by one of the high-level authorities: “Since one month ago, the national authorities have been conducting a careful study, and we have identified all of the leading centres and prominent individuals in the Baha’i ‘sect’.

“We were trying to occupy the Haziratol-Quds [Baha’i Centre] before the speeches of Mr. Falsafi began, and to identify all of the managers of this sect so that we would not face difficulties similar to the ‘sudden announcement of illegal status for the Toudeh Party,’ and be forced to waste a great deal of time. Just as our investigations were completed, the speeches of Mr. Falsafi at the Soltani Mosque started, and, subsequently, last Saturday, the forces of the Military Command occupied the foreign espionage nest.”

The six-year activity

The Baha’is started in 1329 [1950/1951] to mention the name of their sect [religion] on government forms, insisting that government authorities include the word “Baha’i” in official [employment] forms, though they had not dared to say this word up until the previous year.

Since then, on several occasions, letters were sent on behalf of the Haziratol-Quds and, in their words, the “chairperson of the committee” of Tehran, to the government authorities and the National Office of Statistics and the Ministry of the Interior, requesting permission to list the term “Baha’i” in the birth certificates of newborns or the Baha’is. However, the Office of Statistics would repeatedly respond to them that “Baha’i” is not a religion.

In the view of the government authorities, Baha’ism (the sect) is a heresy in Islam. The Baha’is who were trying to gradually establish a basis for gaining formal recognition for their sect in 1335[1956/1957] had a peculiar insistence upon having the word (Baha’i) listed in the birth certificates and other government documents so that, in this way, they would achieve the recognition for their sect.

For this reason, they had prepared a golden parchment on which the recognition of the “Baha’i” sect was engraved. The plan was for a group of foreigners from other countries to come to Tehran as (Baha’is) to participate in a formal and large celebration and announce their official recognition.

Commercial advertisements

Since two years ago, the Baha’is have been advertising about the Baha’i sect on the radio in Singapore, Ceylon and Israel in Asia, [as well as in] Italy and France, and by paying money for these announcements they were, in their minds, propagating their religion.

According to a report that has been received in Tehran from Turkey, among the arrested Baha’is there was a shoemaker who used to have a shoe shop at the Yousef Abad Square. He was a major leader and propagandist of their religion, and was also one of the spies of the menacing Intelligence Service system, and he had hidden several important espionage documents inside the shoes, which has attracted a great deal of attention. These documents have revealed the activity of the center that was sending (money) to the Baha’is.

Communists and the Baha’is

An informed source told our reporter regarding the relationship between the Baha’is and foreigners: “Because the Communist Party of Iran (Toudeh Party), similar to other communist parties in the world, is against all religions or worshiping of God, it has, from 1328[1950/1951] until now, been in contact with the centre of the Baha’is of Iran, and a large number of the Baha’i youth have also become members of the Toudeh Party. During the investigations conducted on this matter with Dr. Yazdi, he said that, since Baha’is do not believe in the existence of (one true God) and they have made up a god for themselves, since 1328[1950/1951] the Toudeh Party has established connections with the Baha’is at the order of Cominform and it assists in the development of this sect.”…

This same source added, “During the past two years, a number of Toudeh Party groups were discovered by the police agents on several occasions.  Baha’i books were being sold in those groups and the Baha’i religion was being taught.”

Documents obtained

Despite the fact that since Tuesday, two week ago, Mr. Falsafi has been making some statements at the Soltani Mosque about the Baha’is and the occupation of their centre, and on Friday after his stern speech, some of the documents were taken out of the Haziratol-Quds; nonetheless, after the Haziratol-Quds was occupied, the names of their well-known personalities and foreign managers, which they had not had an opportunity to destroy, have fallen into the hands of the police agents.

The United Nations and the Baha’is

It is rumored that the Baha’is have complained to the United Nations through a few individuals they have [sic] in the United Nations. At one of the Commissions of the United Nations, the Iranian Representative explained the situation of the Baha’is and based on their own documents and books proved to the U.N. members that these people do not have a religion and take partners with Almighty God and are heretics of Islam. The statements of the Iranian Representative have received the confirmation of all of the Islamic countries, and even the pope’s representative. The pope’s representative has emphasized that (Bahaism) is not a religion, but rather, it is a (sect) that was made up in the early nineteenth century based on political views.