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In the Name of God,

Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran


Ministry of Health and Welfare

Regional Office of Health and Welfare, Khuzestan Province


Date: [21]/05/1359 [12/08/1980]

Number: 4/7759

Enclosure: ----


Mr Nourollah Sharafizad, Expert in Field Operation for Eradication of Malaria in Khuzestan,


Subject: Dismissal from service


In light of the minutes dated 29/04/1359 [20 July1980] of the Cleansing and Purification Commission of all [Government] Departments of Khuzestan Province concerning [the grounds for your] permanent dismissal from governmental employment, owing to [your] affiliation with the Baha'i sect, [the fact that] you have been employed illegally, and your allegiance to the Pahlavi regime, you are hereby notified that you are dismissed from service in the Ministry of Health and Welfare and effective 29/04/1359 and that you do not have any right [to be employed] in the above-mentioned Ministry and its subsidiary units.



Dr Vazirian

On behalf of the of the Acting Director of the Department,