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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Claimant's Statement

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Department of Justice - Islamic Republic of Iran

Record of interrogation and proceedings

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Question – [Upon] Introducing yourself, the provisions of Addendum 125 of Amended Code of the Criminal Procedure Act, will be explained to you.

Answer: Name: Nourollah, Surname: Fallah [Berenjestanaki], Son of Mohammed, Age: [born] [redacted], Place of Work: self-employed, Literate/illiterate, Resident of: Qaemshahr, Village: Darikandeh between Babol and Qaemshahr

I was informed of the provisions of Addendum 125 of Amended Code of Criminal Procedure Act and will inform you when I change my residence.

Question: State your complaint together with all [supporting] evidence: I am complaining against Mr. Hosein Ebrahim, the son of Gholam-Hosein, for killing my son under false pretence.  As the Police Station [officers] aware, [he] is accused of [illegible] and is the fugitive soldier, Hosein Ebrahim-Gol, who in order to free himself and escape from [illegible] choked [Shervin]; I am also complaining against Mohammad Hasan-Khani, his cousin, who assisted him [in this crime].  I am requesting the honourable Police Station to investigate [this matter] in accordance with the [pertinent] regulations.

I also add that [we are] from the Baha’i sect, and Shervin was also a follower.