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Administrative Order of Office of Personnel

(Companies affected by the Employment Regulations of Government Companies)


In the Name of God

Government of the Islamic Republic [of Iran]


Form: - 47 (4 - 54) – Department of State for Administrative Affairs and Employment

  1. Name of the Government Company: Regional Office of Health of the Province of Tehran
  2. Code of the Company: ---
  3. Employee number: ---
  4. Name: Mrs. Nurieh
  5. Surname: Vojdani
  6. Father: Mahmoud
  7. Identification number and place of issue: Identification number: [redacted], Place of issue: City of [redacted], Province/Governorate: Kurdestan
  8. Place of birth: [redacted]
  9. Date of birth: 8 Aban [redacted] [30 October]
  10. Highest academic certificate achieved and field of study: diploma in healthcare
  11. Determined organizational position: ambulatory healthcare in shifts
  12. Number of the determined organizational position: 403
  13. Warrant: Health and Remedy, Field: Healthcare, Level: 2
  14. Grade: 5
  15. Rank: 6
  16. Organizational Unit: Sorkheh-Hesar Hospital
  17. Place of Service: Village --- District --- City --- Province/Governorate ---
  18. Type of Judgement: Termination of Service
  19. Description of Judgement:
  1. This decree has been issued according to notice number 7560, dated 10 Dey 1359 [31 December 1980] of the respected authority of the Ministry of Health and relating to order number 190, dated 13 Bahman 1359 [2 February 1981] issued by the Regional Management of Health of Eastern Tehran: (due to pertaining to the Baha’i sect) [Signature]
  2. Following notification number 13284, dated 16 Bahman 1359 [5 February 1981] of the question dated 19 Bahman 1359 [8 February 1981], as there has not been any decisive response by you, returning to paragraph 1, this judgement has been issued for the case of termination of your services.
  3. The action will be taken regarding your service background according to the Labour Act.
  1. Salaries, benefits and extras
    1. Base group salary: 32,500 rial
    2. Total of benefits related to the position/benefits of the position: 20,500 rial
    3. Verification of the difference of benefits --- rial
    4. Allowance related to work outside the country --- rial
    5. Allowance related to bad climate --- rial
    6. Allowance related to deprivation of life facilities --- rial
    7. Allowance related to place of service --- rial
    8. Other benefits and extras --- rial

Total: 53,000 rial

  1. Salaries, benefits and extras stipulated in this decree amount to a total of (in letters) fifty-three thousand rial. It is payable from the trust after the lawful deductions.
  2. Date of enforcement of judgement: 1 Bahman 1359 [21 January 1981]
  3. Date of issue and number of judgement: Date: 20 Bahman 1359 [9 February 1981], Number: 13444
  4. Name and Surname of the Responsible Officer: Ali Varjavand

Title of the determined organizational position: Manager: Sorkheh Hesar Hospital

Signature [Signature]


Copy: Employee