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[Personal information has been redacted.]


In the Name of God


The Islamic Republic Police Force

Number: 1314/5/303

Date: 28 Dey 1388 [18 January 2010]

Enclosure: -----


(Notification of Closure)

Mrs. Susan Dehghan, Director of Golshan Towhid kindergarten resident of [redacted]

In accordance with the regulations and pursuant to Articles 27 and 28 concerning the guidelines provided by the Office of Public Places Supervision Office, and according to a report [illegible], you are hereby given ----- day’s notice to take action for vacating your trading centre of any perishable goods.

Obviously, after the lapse of the above-mentioned time period, action will be taken to lock and seal the place, and any loss or damage resulting from the failure to evacuate the perishable goods will be the responsibility of the person in charge of that trade centre––office of investigations.


Comments: -----

Police Department of the Public Places Supervision Office of the Province of Tehran

Signature of the notifying officer:

Officer, Colonel Sadeghi, on behalf of Colonel Owladi [signature]


Signature and fingerprint of the receiving party:

[Signature] Dehghan