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In the Name of God


Islamic Republic of Iran

Official minutes of interrogation and proceeding

Page one


Name: Abdol-Shoghi, Surname: Tebyani and Sirous Mehrazar

Enforcement of judgments

Date: 7 Mordad 1363 [29 July 1984]

Case reference: -----

The judgment in the above case reference, on 7 Mordad 1364 [29 July 1985] was enforced. One van/truck, model Simorgh [Jeep Wagoneer] with registration number 71561 - Tehran J. was delivered by tow-truck to the Office of the Prosecutor of Islamic Revolution located at the [address], by Mr. Abdol-Shoghi Tebyani. The van is currently in the premises of the Office of the Prosecutor of Islamic Revolution and will subsequently be handed over to the Execution Office of Addendum 82.

(Note that the said van does not turn on and the main shaft is inside the van).

End of the minute

Judicial Police Assistant