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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[Ehsanollah Mehdi-Zadeh had asked one of his cellmates to write something for him in his journal. Following is an entry by one of them.]


Very dear son, kind Ehsan,

You assigned a page of your prison journal to this abashed Vahdat, so I oblige. I write: In memory of your loving kindness during the 232 days that we spent together in various prison cells; in memory of the providence of God, which confirmed us all to introduce His Cause through divine manners and heavenly attributes to the prison’s community; in memory of the fellowship and friendship prevailing amongst you dear ones, causing jealousy and the envy of the people around you; in memory of the prayers and meditations we had in private and in memory of the tears we shed for the bounties God has bestowed upon these undeserving feeble ones; and for the crown of great honour with which He adorned our heads.  God willing, we and our children will be proud of our doings.  And finally, for the jokes and teasing of our friend, who kept us happy at all times.

My dear son, in closing, I wish to point out to you, the radiant youth, this very important truth: an individual Baha’i does not belong to [himself], but to the Baha’i world.  


One who will never forget this spiritual young man,


[Signature:] The abashed Vahdat

[Date:] 30 Dey 1359 [20 January 1981]

Adelabad Prison, Ward No. 4