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Imperial Organization for Social Welfare 2506 [Established 1927]


Protection of Dispossessed Families Plan


Date: 2/7/2538 [24 September 1979]

Number: K/1381


Mr. Nosratullah Allahverdi

Assistant Social Worker, Gorgan Support Unit


Pursuant to notice number H/9278, [dated] 3/5/1358 [25 July 1979], and in reply to your letter dated 12/61358 [3 September 1979], given that the rumors that you are a Baha’i is true, pursuant to section 1, note (c), of Article 14 of the Employment Act, effective 1 /7/1358 [23 September 1979] your services are terminated, and you will no longer have an official legal position at the Social Welfare Organization and the Protection of Dispossessed Families Plan.


Abolfazl Ejaredar 

Head of Social Affairs Administration


[official stamp with number and date]

Number 217

Date 7/7/1358 [29 September 1979]