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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Ministry of War[1]

14th  Corps, Kerman

18th Regiment, Police Force


Form: N-1918,

Date 15/04/1319 [6 July 1940]

Branch: Adjutancy Office[2]



Notification of Dismissal

In accordance with the [Administrative] Order of the Office of Army Chiefs of Staff 118917-62021 [dated] 25/12/1318 [16 March 1940], Nosratollah Vaseghi, administrative employee number [redacted] with equivalent ranking of Master Sergeant, son of Ahmad, has been dismissed from employment effective 1st Tir 1319 [22 June 1940] for being a follower of the Baha’i Faith and he has received his [salary] entitlement until 1st Tir 1319 from this Regiment.


Head of Regimental Administration Office

Special First Lieutenant


[Official Stamp]


Commander, Regimental Police Force, Kerman

Lieutenant-Colonel [Ghaleh] Baygi



[1] [Ministry of Defence]

[2] [Personnel Office of Army Chiefs of Staff]