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[Adapted from website:] Noghteh News

[Date:] 6 Bahman 1393 [26 January 2015]


The International Situation of Baha’is

Noghteh News – Today, the perverse Baha’i sect is an international organization with specific purposes, and the mastermind of this perverse movement is in Israel. Most of the followers of this false sect are in the United States of America. Their organizations have branches in all countries of the world, especially in African and Asian countries, and try to propagate their sect in order to demonstrate that they are a real religion.

Baha’is began their cosmopolitanism under Abbas Effendi; they fell into the trap of imperialist countries and were used in their interests. In this way, the foreign governments, especially the United States and the Zionists, supported them in the international arena and placed them under their umbrella of protection. Baha’is also recognized their existence in this dependence and support, and have given in to it. As the policies of the second Pahlavi [era] showed about them, the superpowers also have a dual policy against this sect and sometimes they limit them and punish them through parallel streams, so as not to exceed their limits, and sometimes they are used as a weapon against Islam.

After the Islamic Revolution, each of the U.S. presidents, in proportion to his situation, supported the Baha’is and condemned Iran for confronting them. For example, then-President Reagan, speaking on the occasion of World Human Rights Day, stated, “Baha’is are being executed in Iran and are forced to leave Iran.”

Of course, this was not the first time that Reagan expressed sorrow over the fate of the members of the Baha’i political sect in Iran. In 1983, he issued a statement warning Iran and asking all the Third World countries, to urge Iran to refrain from executing several Baha’is who had been arrested for spying for Israel. What is significant is the group’s influence in the White House and the U.S. Congress and the nature of their activities, which, despite their claims of being religious and non-political, is a good indication of the group’s affiliation with imperialist circles. The U.S. Congress has taken steps to support the Baha’is.

Following this news, Kayhan newspaper wrote:

“On 16 November 1982, according to the Washington Post, five members of the U.S. Congress proposed to Reagan that international action be taken to stop the execution of the Baha’is in Iran.”

The resolution was also signed by 33 members of the U.S. Senate.