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Islamic Republic of Iran

The Islamic Consultative Assembly

Date -----                                     

Enclosure -----


In the Name of God

Brother Goljaie


With Greetings,

In view of the fact that the husband of Mrs. A’laie is a [member of a designated] minority and notwithstanding his undertaking of military service , if the law prohibits the issuing of Basij[i] booklets to such individuals, please act according to the [requirements of the] law; otherwise, issue the necessary instructions [for the booklet to be issued]

Valai Ali


29/11/1367 [18 February 1989]


In the Name of God

My venerable dear Mr Valai


With respect, in accordance with the order issued by the Governor General, no Baha’is are permitted to receive Basijbooklets.



30/11/1367 [19 February 1989]


[i] Mobilisation Resistance Force [Niruy-i-Muqavimat-i-Basij]