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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Nimrouz

[Date:] Friday 9 Mordad 1377 [1 August 1998]

[Issue No:] 488

[Page:] 10


President Clinton Expressed His Condolences to the Executed Baha’i Family

15 More Baha’is Are Awaiting the Order of Their Execution


The News Service sources have reported that the United States has condemned the execution of an Iranian Baha’i by the Islamic Republic and stated that such matters of human rights violations can darken the horizon of the conversations between the two nations.


According to Reuters News Service, James Rubin, the [spokesperson for the United States State Department], announced that a few days ago, the authorities of the Iranian government hanged Rouhollah Rowhani, an Iranian Baha’i accused of having converted a Muslim. According to the [spokesperson for the U. S. State Department], the United States has vehemently condemned the action of the execution of Rowhani for having used his right of speech, and is requesting that the lives of the other 15 Baha’is who are in prison be spared.  Seven of them have already been sentenced to death due to their religious activities; therefore, the United States has requested the Islamic Republic to care for the lives of the 15 imprisoned Baha’is.


According to James Rubin, the Islamic Republic has accused seven imprisoned Baha’is of being involved in the “Zionist and Baha’i” activities. The [spokesperson for the State Department] added in this regard that their concern about the limitations of the religious activities of the minorities of Iran will reflect on all kinds of conversations with the Islamic Republic.


White House [spokesperson] Mike McCurry announced in a statement that Clinton had expressed his condolences to the Rowhani family; thus, bringing to the public knowledge that the United States government has shown its deep feelings and anger regarding the sentencing and execution of Mr. Rowhani, and that the intention of execution had in no way been announced prior to [its being carried out]. James Rubin said that the president and the secretary of [state] of America had previously emphasized the point that the matter of religious freedom and beliefs was the principal axis of the policy of our human rights in Iran and in other areas of the world.


The Baha’is of France announced last week that 51-year-old Rouhollah Rowhani had been father to four children. [According to them], Rowhani was the first Iranian Baha’i that had been executed in Iran due to his beliefs [since] 1992, yet it is said that the execution orders of three more individuals will also be effected soon against the Baha’is.


James Rubin, the spokesperson for the United States State Department, said that, from the time the Islamic Republic came to power in 1979, more than 200 Baha’is had been executed in Iran due to their religious beliefs by the Islamic Republic. The Baha’i Faith, which originated in Iran 150 years ago, according to some reports, has six million followers in the world and its number of followers in Iran is 3,500[1].





[1] [Typographical error; the population of Bahá’í in Iran was estimated at 300,000 at the time of this report]