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Islamic Republic of Iran

Department of State for Administration and Employment Affairs

Date: 8/6/1359 [30 August 1980]

Number: 1357



Ms. Nikou Golestan, Typist


According to the unanimous decision of this organization’s Committee for the Restructuring of Human Resources, dated 6/6/1359 [28 August 1980], you are accused of being employed illegally and sentenced to dismissal in accordance with  Paragraph C of Article 14 of the State Employment Act and Purification and Reconstruction law and its amendments and guidelines ratified on 7/6/1358 [29 August 1979] by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Council of the Revolution  [which are intended] to create a suitable environment for the growth of the revolution’s organizations.  You are hereby dismissed form employment.

As stipulated in Article number 14756, dated 18/4/1359 [9 July 1980], ratified by the Council of the Revolution, if you have any objection to this decision, you may submit your written appeal with reasons, in accordance with Paragraph 10 of said law, to my office within a month.  [Your appeal] would then be submitted to and considered by an appeals committee, which, according to the law, would be convened for that purpose, and where you would also be present.  Obviously, the committee’s decision, if approved by me, would be final and binding.


Mustafa Katiraei,

The Head of Department of State for Administration and Employment Affairs