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[The Local Spiritual Assembly of Baha’is of Isfahan]


Number (65?),

Date:  2 Noor, 102, [BE, Baha’i Era], 5 Tir 1324 [26 June 1945]

Enclosure: One page


Mr. Governor General of the Tenth Province[1]


With the utmost respect, we hereby submit the original letter of Ebrahim Eshraghi-Varnamkhasti (one of the Baha’is of Varnamkhast) which contains the details of the nightly attacks of the locals on his house and his getting beaten up by them.


Because this Assembly is informed of the background, and this kind of dispute could possibly cause misunderstanding due to its religious nature and [ultimately] cause unrest and trouble in the region,

we hereby request that you arrange that this matter receive a thorough investigation and that justice be served to him, and prevent any action that could possibly cause a major unrest and disorder.


Respectfully yours,

On behalf of the Secretary [signature],

[Stamp: The Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Isfahan, year 80 BE (established 1923)]



[Footnote:] 2631 – 7 Tir 1324 [28 June 1945]

The Commander of the Regiment of the Gendarmerie of Isfahan

The original letter of complaint of 5 Tir 1324 [26 June 1945] from Ebrahim Eshraghi-Varnamkhasti complaining about the people who had beaten him up is enclosed.  Please order an urgent investigation and if they take any steps against the law stop them and send us the end result together with the actual letter of complaint. Governor General of the Tenth province [signature] 7 Tir 1324 [28 June 1945]




[1] [Isfahan Province]