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Iran Electronics Industries (IEI)

Internal Communications

Date: 15/12/1358 [5 March 1980]

Number: SH/13/801-01-88

Subject: See below


From: The Personnel Division

To: Mr. Nezam Houshmand Sarvestani


Confidential – Direct


According to information received, you are not a follower of one of the officially recognized religions, and according to a government sponsored bill the employment in ministries and governmental organizations of those who do not adhere to Islam, Zoroastrianism, or Judaism, [Christianity is not mentioned] is unlawful. Therefore, you are given until 15/1/1359 [4 April 1980] to explicitly and confidentially declare your religion. Should the above be true, to continue your service in this office you have one month from the above-noted date to accept Islam and provide written documentation to that effect from a Point of Emulation to prove that you have renounced your previous beliefs, and have accepted the blessed religion of Islam, and have published an announcement in a widely circulated newspaper,. Otherwise, in view of the explicit circular issued by the Ministry of National Defense, number 6/402/02/93-13, dated 5/6/1358 [27 August 1979],  your services shall be terminated after the deadline.

Director of Personnel

Morteza Yavnegi