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[Adapted from website:] Neyrangha Festival

[Date:] Khordad 1400 [May/June 2021]


The First National and Cultural Festival of Rangha Va Neyrangha [Colours and Deceptions]


Major Subjects:

  1. Sects (Rangha va Neyrangha)
  2. The perverse Baha’i sect
  3. Zionist Christianity
  4. False mysticism and emerging sects
  5. Hojjatieh Society
  6. Sufism and extremist currents, the difference between Sufism and tradition

** For more familiarity of the participants, complete explanations about the main and sub-topics have been recorded by the country’s expert professors and uploaded in the video section of the site (here).


1: Opposition of deviant sects to pure Muhammadan Islam and new scientific attitudes

2: Sectarian superstition, violence and betrayal, including by the perverse Baha’i sect

3: Tricks used by deviant sects and false mysticism for attracting and deceiving individuals in the Muslim community

4: Methods of taking advantage and exploitation of individuals and their members

5: Psychological attitudes of attracting and propaganda of deviant sects in capturing psychological and spiritual [aspects] of individuals

6: Socio-political attitudes of attracting and deceiving people in deviant sects and false mysticism

7: Sectarianism, the society of individual and social crises

8: The Hojjatieh Society and the remnants of the spiritual manifesto

9: Rancour of the deviant sects towards Imam Khomeini’s movement and opposition to the formation of the Islamic government, including the Hojjatieh Society

10: Influence and techniques used by sects in attracting individuals in scientific and cultural centres

11: Influence and techniques used by sects in attracting youth and adolescents

12: Weakness in identifying enemies among sects

13: Incomplete definition of Mahdism and Expectation, philosophy and mysticism, divisiveness in Islamic society and sectarianism.

14: Hojjatieh Society and clearance of Shia and Sunni unity

15: The methods of infiltration, penetration of mystical and false deviant ideas in people’s beliefs and creation of populist attractions

16: Sects, hidden organizations

17: False sects and mysticism for creation of suitable opportunities for the global arrogance to strike at pure Muhammadan Islam

18: Sects and training of counter-revolutionary religious forces.

19: Sects and aristocratic lifestyle and great class distance between members and leaders of the sect

20: False sects and mysticism, distortion of religious and doctrinal facts.

21: Evangelical sects and international Zionism

22: Explanation of the scope of intellectual and psychological dependency of individuals on false sects and mysticism

23: Pure Muhammadanism, English and American Islam in false sects and mysticism

24: Training individuals, who are indifferent but religious in appearance, into sects such as the Hojjatieh Society.

25: Recounting memories of suffering and mental and physical harassment by the sects against their members and those separated.

26: The sects’ unwavering efforts in line with their goals to attract human and financial capital.

27: Description and harm of deviant thoughts of sects in order to attract and influence those in the Muslim community

28: Denial of rationality and sagacity in sects, including Zionist Christianity

29: Propaganda techniques in sects (deception and false promises, including in Zionist Christianity)

30: Comparison of the position of women and family in Islam and Zionist Christianity

31: Comparison of human status and human dignity in Islam and Zionist Christianity

32: Audiobook: “Sal-ha-ye Ata”

A: The first chapter of pages 23 to 59

B: Baha’ism against Iran, pages 170 to 178

A: Part of the fourth chapter, pages 181 to 226

D: Proof of the baselessness of Baha’ism’s claims, pages 274 to 284

33: Audiobook: Ms. Mahnaz Raufi’s books

34: Audiobook: Other books related to the main topics and in coordination with the festival secretariat

Note: After selecting one of the festival fields, each of the participants, in submitting their works, can choose one of the main and sub-topics, then enter the title of their work.

Example 1: Branch (Motion Graphics) - main subject (perverse Baha’i sect) - sub-topic (superstition, violence and sectarian betrayal, including by the perverse Baha’i sect) - Title of the work (Superstition in the Perverse Baha’i Sect)

Example 2: Branch (Audiobook) - main topic (the perverse Baha’i sect) - sub-topic (Audiobook: “Sal-ha-ye Ata” D: Proof of baselessness of Baha’ism’s claims pages 274 to 284) - Title of the work (Instability in the Perverse Baha’i Sect)

Example 3: Branch (Podcast) - main subject (Zionist Christianity) - sub-topic (propaganda techniques in sects (deception and false promises, including in Zionist Christianity)) - title of the work (Deception in Zionist Christianity)