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[Newspaper:] Rafsanjan Friday Prayer

[Date:] Dey 1389 [December 2010/January 2011]

[Issue No.:] 8


Widespread Show of Victimization by Baha’is in Rafsanjan


In recent months, we have witnessed some provocations by the misguided and perverse Baha’i sect across the city, who, in order to propagate their superstitious religion and mislead the Muslim youth, have taken steps to make a show of being oppressed in the public opinion of the people of Rafsanjan.

Ever since this fabricated sect of arrogant governments, meaning the infidel Baha’is, set foot in Rafsanjan, we have always witnessed their propaganda activities at different levels and their influence on the core of some dear families. They have always tried to show justified faces through deceptive social interactions in different environments of society such as the bazaar and schools. They introduce their religion as the best religion, while their religion has no intellectual support and even Baha’is themselves are unaware of its doctrines and history. Until now, we have heard that some of these individuals go to the homes of dear fellow citizens under the pretext of repairing home appliances, and then leave behind packages containing CDs and promotional brochures in people’s homes. Others in some spectacle shops in the city, by playing the role of [Persian idiom][1], have provided a tool to propagate their beliefs, and others in schools...

In recent months, following the burning of several shops by members of this superstitious party in Rafsanjan, Baha’is have tried to use this as pretext to spread their victimization in public opinion. We do not intend to find the cause of the fires (although we do not approve any physical contact with these arrogant and najis[2] elements, as long as the members of this sect take no action to promote their superstitious thoughts and propagate their beliefs, we respect their presence among Muslims and their property; otherwise, it is the duty of the security and law enforcement agencies to take the necessary measures [regarding] their active presence in the community.) According to some analysts, one possibility is that the cause of the fires are the Baha’is themselves. In this way, they both benefit from insurance and organization and spread [the rumour of] their victimization in the society.

What is certain, at first measure, is that, with the strong presence of different sections of society against this misguided sect, we can witness the disappearance and dismantling of this misguided sect from the city and their isolation more than before, and the second solution for eliminating these thoughts and evil propaganda from the society is through the public demand and the use of legal means; in this way, we can eradicate the roots of these infidels in the society.

Your Honour Ayat… Imam Khamenei

Since, in our city, a small number of Baha’is are engaged in different businesses and people associate with and trade with them on a daily basis, you are requested to answer the following questions:

Q1- Are Baha’is Muslims or infidels and najis? What is the ruling on greeting and shaking hands with them? What is the ruling on buying from their shops and selling them something? Is it possible to sit at their table and eat the food of this perverse sect?

Answer: All members of the perverse Baha’i sect are condemned to blasphemy and najasat[3], and food and other things that have been in contact with them through rotubat-i-musri[4] should be avoided. It is obligatory for the believers to confront the deception and corruption of this misguided sect.

Q2. Please clarify, what is the duty of the believers in dealing with the misguided Baha’i sect and the effects of the presence of its followers in the Islamic society? Sometimes some followers of the misguided Baha’i sect bring us food or something; is it permissible for us to use it?

Answer: All believers must confront the deceptions and corruptions of the misguided Baha’i sect and prevent others from deviation and joining it. Avoid any association with this misguided sect.

Q3. Many Baha’is live here with us and have many comings and goings to our homes. This group of Baha’is shows good morals; are they najis or pure?

Answer: They are najis and the enemy of your religion and faith. So, my dear ones, avoid them decisively.

Istifta’at[5] by the Supreme Leadership 238 to 331


[1] [The original text is as follows: "‎دایه مهربانتر از مادر"]

[2] [Najis:  Ritually impure/unclean]

[3] [Najasat (pl. Najis) means uncleanliness, impurity]

[4] [Rotubat-i-musri:  A kind of contaminated moisture that is transmitted from an unclean substance, body or object to another.]

[5] [Istifta’at:  Answers to religious inquiries]