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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Ensaniyat

[Date:] 23 Mordad 1326 [15 August 1947]

[Issue No.:] 17

[Page:] 1


A Glance at Government: Mazandaran’s Representatives Must Read It

Why is There Bloodshed in the Cities?

This article is written only for the governors general and other officials outside the capital; I expect that the topic and various points raised in it will attract their attention and they will not make any additional noise.  Lords of the press and dear readers all know well that a war took place a while ago in Shahroud between the Baha’i and Muslim groups, and a few people from both sides were killed. To this day, it is not known what his highness the attorney general of the country did with the files or regarding the rights of the parties, and what is the fate of the survivors of the martyrs of this war of religious prejudice! 

I have many friends among the ladies and gentlemen of Baha’i ideology.  I have often been to their homes where, after performing Islamic prayers, we have had discussions and arguments.  Yet to this day they have neither succeeded in convincing me that Imam Zaman,[1] peace be upon Him, has appeared and was martyred, nor have they listened to my logic regarding the foolishness and baselessness of their claims. However, most of them told me, and swore to it, that a number of high officials were also Baha’is and bands of them were in state and national positions, especially in foreign and commercial policy making!

In any case, an engineer, Shahidzadeh or Shahidi, was recently murdered in Mazandaran. The truth of the matter is that on the eve of the birth of His Holiness Imam Hojjat,[2] workers in factories in Shahi had decided to join their religious brothers in celebration and to illuminate their places for the annual observances, when the late engineer said, “What is this foolishness? Clean up your acts!”  Prejudiced people poisoned him; the turmoil of the Babolsar Sea took its revenge, and an educated man was sent to the eternal realm.  Word was spread that the holy Imam Zaman, peace be upon Him, had performed a miracle and we must kill the Baha’is! 

As a result, a number of people in Shahi and Sari boycotted work and [attacked] a few homes (continued on page 2) [rest of article not available]





[1] Lord of the Age; refers to the awaited promised 12th Imam of the Shias

[2] Same as footnote 1