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[Adapted from website:] The Centre for the Management of the Sisters Seminaries

[Date:] 29 Farvardin 1394 [18 April 2015]


Holding the First Instructor Training Course of Feiz Nour [The Grace of Light] in Semnan Province

The cultural-propaganda deputy of the Sisters Seminary Center of Semnan Province announced the holding of the first training course for the instructors of Feiz Nour (critics of sects) with the presence of the students of the seminaries of the province.

Masoumeh Komshi-Kamer said, “This course was held for the first time in Semnan Province, in six specialized disciplines, including Christianity, Baha’ism, Wahhabism, Sufism and Ahl-e Haqq, as well as pseudo-mysticism and a special skill class. She said that more than 150 missionaries, professors and graduates of the second- and third-level religious schools of Semnan Province were present in this course.”

She added, “This course was held for a short period of time with the aim of training instructors, and after completing the course, participants were tested.  The [top-ranking students] of the course were invited to attend the long-term programme.”

The cultural-propaganda deputy of the Sisters Seminary Centre of Semnan Province stated, “The purpose of holding these courses is to train a capable preacher and instructor to answer questions and doubts in the field of sects and religions, and to localize instructors, [thereby] creating and expanding a specialized advertising network, [holding] propagation activity in cyberspace, and providing efficient trainers in the fields.”