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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Nejat-e Iran

[Date:] 9 Khordad 1362 - 30 May 1983

[Page:] 15


Mediation of Mr. Reagan

Last week, Mr. Reagan, the president of [the United States of] America, addressing the Iranian government, announced that he wanted to mediate the situation and stated that, the Iranian regime should pardon from execution the twenty-two [22] individuals who had been arrested due to their belief.

The words uttered by the president could be analysed from two points of view: First, Mr. Reagan has made a mistake in mentioning the number. This is not twenty-two individuals or two hundred and twenty individuals or two thousand individuals nor even twenty thousand individuals! The Iranian regime has executed more than 200,000 people because of their belief, [their] ideology and for their “sinful thoughts”. It has killed people in this group because they have been demanding their freedom and more than thirty [30] million others, who are hoping for freedom, are being kept in the purgatory of fear of being killed.

Second, the mediation of the president of [the United States of] America , following the repeated criticism of the international organizations and global freedom centres in defence of the Baha’is of Iran, shows that the individuals and the groups of this minority, from all over the world, with zeal and fervour, are trying to save the lives of their co-religionists.

But we do not realize that most of the exiled compatriots, who also have a passion for saving the nation, are walking on the path of fight for liberty. But when will they realize that resistance is not only [expressing] disagreement with others? It also includes cooperation and collaboration, having one voice and taking significant steps, attracting the world’s freedom-seeking groups towards the rights of the Iranian nation and the oppression it is enduring.

Reagan’s Message to Khomeini to Save the Life of 22 Baha’is

The Western News Service of 24 May reports that President Reagan, on Sunday, 22 May, addressed Khomeini and the Iranian leaders, asking them to refrain from executing 22 Baha’is, who have been condemned to death in Tehran.

The president of [the United States of] America, in his message, asked the leaders of the world’s nations to cooperate with him in this regard, to save the lives of these innocent people who have not interfered in political crimes, have never arisen against the regime and have not killed anyone.

In this message, which was published by the White House in Washington, Reagan reminds [everyone] that more than 130 Baha’is have been executed in Iran since the Iranian Revolution, and he adds, “America and the world are concerned by the violence and pressures that the Baha’is are going through.” The message ends by saying: “To save the lives of these people would be a step forward for Iran and the world”.