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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Neday-e Hagh

[Date:] 15 Aban 1336 [6 November 1957]

[Issue No.:] 361


The Coca Cola Harm and Especially Pepsi Cola Harm, Have been Firmly Proven in the Widely Circulated Newspapers

Kayhan Newspaper, in its issue 4292, dated 23 Mehr [1336] [14 October 1957], and issue 4295 of 27 Mehr [18 October], [on their fifth] pages, under the title of Family Physician Writes about Colas says: “Soda and colas are not in the least medically and hygienically valuable for the body. Do not fill the belly with useless substances. Avoid all colas”. With bold letters it writes, “Avoid Soda, Lemonade and Cola in particular.”

One of the reasons for the expansion of colas in Iran was newspaper advertisements which, through consecutive propaganda, made this toxic and dangerous substance famous and its consumption widely spread. At first, the newspapers certainly did not know how harmful this mysterious liquid was to the body, and through what corrupt elements it was produced, and how its revenue was spent on anti-religion and unethical propaganda, but now they themselves are spreading rumours of its harm.

It is necessary and appropriate that they refrain from accepting and publishing the advertisements that are related to [colas] and forsake a small amount of income to prove that they value health and the preservation of religion and the dignity of their compatriots more than money.

For the sake of God, ponder: T[his is a] liquid whose composition is unknown and obscure, and whose main ingredient, according to the factory manager, is imported from the United States; this is a syrup made by a number of Baha’is, who deny God and the Prophet and sometimes consider the Bab to be a prophet and, at times (God forbid) consider Him to be God, and some portion of whose income is spent on anti-religious and anti-Muslim propaganda. [These] beverages are the enemy of health and certainly the destroyer of the harmless substances (proteins) on which the body’s strength depends for endurance, and [without which] diseases such as indigestion, intestinal ulcers and cancers of intestines and stomach are produced.

This discussion has been explained in detail by Dr. Gayelord Hauser, the greatest American food expert [nutritionist] of the time and the author of the book, Passport. He believes that diseases are caused by drinking cola, and he even considers the shortness of life at this time to be the result of its consumption.

Also when Benjamin Miller, the author of the medical articles in the daily Kayhan newspaper, whose opinions were summarized at the beginning of this article mentioned its harms, then I do not know why people insist on drinking it and what newspapers claim in the publication of their advertisements. Why does the government not order the radio stations not to accept its advertisements, and the Ministry of Health not order their organization to be collected and closed?

We hope that the newspapers that are more interested in the wellbeing and health of the society will refrain from accepting and publishing advertisements related to colas, and [effectively] make it understood that they value and care for the lives and health of Iranians more than money, and it is requested from the advertising manager and broadcasts of the radio to kindly order the radio station to refrain from accepting the advertisements for colas.

The prime minister, Dr. Iqbal, is also urged to form a commission of the most unbiased and philanthropic physicians, as well as a number of trusted scholars and academics, and if the harmfulness of colas is ascertained, to dismantle and shut down their institutions.



Ali Shakeri