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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Neday-e Hagh

[Date:] 2 Mordad 1336 [24 July 1957]

[Issue No.:] 43


Islam is Better Than All

By: Seyyed Abdol-Reza Hejazi

The Muslim Nation Does Not Drink Pepsi Cola

To carry out their inhumane plans, the colonialists study the requirements for and obstacles to their progress. And they are working hard to defeat the forces that prevent their colonization. They knew that the only power that would not allow them to take over the destiny of a nation was the blissful force of Islam and that [that force] would fight against it with all its might.

The spy apparatus of the red imperialism sent Dolgoruki on a mission to fabricate religion and sect… They created the Babi apparatus, and, immediately, the black imperialism used and approved the “Baha”, and in this way havoc was created amongst the Muslims.

Everyone knows that in these few years, the intelligence apparatus of the imperialist service has directly strengthened this political party and has made that device their source of inspiration. It strengthens their economic foundations by forming organizations and enterprises!

Imperialism has recently granted the licence of the Pepsi Cola factory to its spies and official henchmen in Iran and uses its interests to continue the colonization by strengthening spies, and so on. But when the Muslims realized that imperialism wanted to use its drinks to benefit its official supporters [Baha’is] economically, they refrained from drinking it. Islamic speakers and writers made it known to all, through the Neday-e Hagh newspaper, that drinking it is forbidden.

Have not the colonial governments yet realized that they should dismantle their base of aggression forever from amongst the weary and afflicted nations, especially from the lands of Islam, and plunge into that mire of lust near the Thames River [United Kingdom], awaiting a terrible and dark future?

Yes, as much as they want to exploit using economic organizations such as the Pepsi factory, etc., for the benefit of their puppets, and to strengthen the foundations of their colonization, they have imagined in vain and they must dismantle their colonialism and espionage apparatus forever….

The day that you used to help the Baha’i spy party and prevent the formation of the ranks of the devoted children of Islam with other mysterious plans, has ended. Gone are the days when you were scattering disputes and conflicts in order to continue your crimes. You should leave the house of the nation to the nation as soon as possible; go and dismantle your disgraceful establishment and do not tarnish humanity and human virtue anymore. We will build strong barriers against the flood of the colonial crimes in any way we can, and we are not willing to drink an imperialist beverage that is used for propaganda and economic purposes. We know for sure that Muslims will not drink the beverage of imperialism that is Pepsi Cola, thereby inflicting a blow on the body of colonialism. But we recommend to all those who have escaped from the criminal system, the thieves of the existence of human society―that is, the red and black imperialism―to refrain from drinking Pepsi Cola, so as not to contribute financially to these human enemies.

The struggle of the Muslim East against imperialism and its spy apparatus continues until the final victory.