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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Neday-e Hagh

[Date:] 15 Bahman 1337 [4 February 1959]

[Issue No.:] 424


Esteemed Editor of Sahar Newspaper – By Mr. Farhang Nakhaie

…As it was seen in our previous issues, despite the Baha’is’ explicit teachings against the homeland and considering the [concept of] homeland as illusive―which is one of the twelve teachings of the Baha’i theologians, who invented an illusive and unknown religion under the auspices of the foreigners and called it an innovative religion—you either defend their patriotism and publish the publications of that sect which were given to you in the conference. In the issue of the month of Dey [December/January] you refer to the arrest of the perverts, who did not refrain from any insults to our religious and national sanctities as some kind of plan and conspiracy. In fact, you [taunted] the public prosecutor of Tehran, and it must be said that members of these two sects have made your newspaper their shield.

Regarding the protection of the minorities, such as Jewish, Zoroastrian and Christian, it should be noted that, if law protects these minorities under the religious and constitutional law, they no longer need any other support, unless they are under illegal pressures; in this case, one must seek legal protection. Of course, they also have obligations in [return for] this protection that are met by two other groups, except the Christians. If there are minorities whom the law is not protecting, in fact they do not have legal recognition and jurisdiction, and protecting them is against the law. The law enforcement agents must prevent their propaganda and misconduct.

We strongly agree with the freedom [to disseminate] propaganda, but a distinction must be made between the propaganda with obscenities and insults and deceiving the youth and startling the ignorant and trapping the naive.

Your Honour, convene a formal public assembly for debate with the preachers of the two sects you support, so that, despite my little wealth [of knowledge], I can prove their ignorance and their ill-intentions, and demonstrate to you with what conspiracies and tricks and with what deceits and hypocrisy they are busy, with their evil desire to deceive and mislead the people, in their “spiritual assemblies”, “gatherings” of children and youth, “nineteen-day feasts” and festivities for the “days of Ha [intercalary days] and gifts”.

Your Honour, rest assured that these two detested minorities whom you support are the great enemies of Islam and foreign mercenaries, and they consider the Islamic era over. Whether a Shiite or a Sunni, like you, every Muslim (Shia or Sunni) who is firm in belief cannot support them, but like other illegal and harmful minorities, such as communists, they must be repressed and punished.

Your Honour’s extraordinary respect for scholars and clerics is extremely commendable and of course, its recognition is announced by the great scholars and preachers.