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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Neday-e Hagh

[Date:] 9 Mordad 1336 [31 July 1957]

[Issue No.:] 44


I Do Not Drink Pepsi Cola

…. Yes, these are the true men, who do not consider the world more than a toy! They consider the world as a goldsmith’s plant in which the gold-plated black wire reveals its [reality] truth!

These people [Baha’is], when they heard that the unique beloved leader and the burning candle of the Shiite world―at his own discretion and in the interest of the day, and in order to maintain the health of the people and help the country’s economy―has refrained from drinking (cursed Pepsi Cola), which is really a (plague and blast), since he knows that this unhealthy and impure syrup is made by the hands of aghnam [sheep; referring to Baha’is] who have neither self-awareness nor any brains and are caught up blindly in [such a] mire of irreligion and lust that the pen is ashamed to write and the tongue to say it, and who have become such a tool in the hands of foreigners that to advance their sinister and lustful and country-destroying purposes every day, are carrying out the service of a foreign government! ...As it was seen, after [the head of the faith] received the knighthood from the British representative in Haifa, the others have now purchased the Pepsi Cola factory plant and are pretending that the government is supporting them.

Since these sheep (!) do not have any understanding, they think that others are like them. [They might think] it is good to claim that the owners of the Pepsi Cola factory in other places, such as Iraq and New York, etc., are also from their own [religion]; while this is not true, and if that were the case, our beloved leader would not have just boycotted Pepsi-Cola, which is made in Iran.

Yes, when a drink is made with the hands and money of the (aghnam) [Baha’is], it is very clear that a person like Mr. Borujerdi, may God be his protector and guardian, will not drink it. [The fact that the ayatollah does not drink it] is sufficient for the followers of Muhammad and His Family (PBUH) to abstain from drinking it. This is the reason why the consumption of Pepsi Cola is decreasing in Iran. Because the blessed Mr. Ayatollah Borujerdi (does not drink Pepsi Cola), we do not drink it either. May anyone who envies be blinded [from a Persian poem].

Kermanshah – Davood Zakeri