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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Neday-e Hagh

[Date:] 7 Tir 1334 [29 June 1955]

[Issue No.:] 247


Qom- Haydar-Ali Ghalamdaran

Are You Still Asleep?!

While the Enemies of Islam Are Struggling at All Times?

First read this news in Kayhan newspaper, issue 3606, dated 29 Khordad 1334 [20 June 1955], on page 4:

San Francisco, Reuters – “In the beginning … diplomats from various countries (Festival of Faith) arrived at the Cow Palace, which is the venue for sports events… The prayer ceremony was conducted by the representatives of Muslims, Buddhists, Baha’is, Christians, Hindus, and Jews!  Among the persons who participated in this prayer ceremony was Mr. [John Foster] Dulles, the United States Secretary of State, who is himself a member of the Prestige Church.…”

After reading this news, you should activate your mind and thought to realize that what this incident, namely participation of the Baha’is in the Festival of Faith and praying for world peace, has to do with the struggle against the Baha’is in Iran. More importantly, for them to count the  religion of the Baha’is among the religions and place it on the same level as the great religions of the world such as Islam, which has at least five hundred and fifty million, Christianity, which has seven hundred million, and Judaism, with 36 [illegible] .…

… and make so much sound and fury in the National Consultative Assembly and issue announcements and bills, and bring the Shia leader into it, and then with complete aloofness and lack of regard overlook the issue and go about their business. At the same time, we hear the voices of Baha’i diplomats at the Festival of Faith and we see their participation among the five major religions of the world, while there are more than five hundred thousand religions on the planet and the most obscure one among them has more followers than the Baha’is!

O God remove the veil from this puzzle!

On the day that Tehran Radio, without preparation and unexpectedly, like a roaring thunder on the first day of Dey, brought up the issue of Baha’ism, and Mr. Falsafi, the famous preacher, asked the government with his fiery words and pleasing voice to shun and prosecute this treacherous lot, and with unrivaled bravery he even asked the person of the shahanshah to fire the special physician of the court of the shah (Dr. Ayadi), who is one of the sheep of the Baha’is, and not entrust his valuable life, which belongs to all of the people of Iran, into the hands of such a criminal...

… Then, most likely, this sound and fury is due to the fact that he wants, in the name of struggle against Baha’ism, to arouse the sentiments and start noisy conversations that would cause the matter to go beyond specific individuals and fall into the hands of the masses.  Once the matter falls into the hands of the masses and the aroused sentiments reach saturation, then no one can stop them.  At that point, groups of allies… in the name of struggle against Baha’ism, will start marching in the streets and bazaars and, in [using the excuse that they belong] to the Baha’is, a few shops and stores and homes will be looted, damaged, and burned.  Then, with a loudspeaker, they will announce to the world any small act that has been blown up under a political microscope, and let the world know about the savagery and cruelty of Iranians. This action is enough to prevent the benefits of this bill and prevent foreign investors from paying attention to Iran!

This is what I was thinking to myself, and the explanation I was weaving for myself to make sense of this incident. After the Baha’is complained to the United Nations and to some of the international authorities and voiced claims of being oppressed, this suspicion started to grow in my mind. Of course, I was imagining other causes and reasons [illegible] for both amplifying and weakening of this issue, which would not be wise to talk about or write about, even though some signs and evidences strengthen my guesses. These thoughts and possibilities led for a while… Would go away by itself. At the same time the preachers, speakers, the clerical community, and the believers were busy struggling against Baha’ism; we would receive news here and there that the Baha’is are very happy about this incident and consider it a great triumph for themselves.  However, I would tell the people who were spreading this news on behalf of the Baha’is that they are lying. This treacherous lot wants to hide its defeat under the mask of such nonsense, to the extent that today we are hearing that, despite the wishes of the Muslims and the majority of the Shia people of Iran and the clerical communities, the dissonant sound of the Baha’is is heard from the international gatherings of the world and formal meetings of the world’s diplomats, and at the beginning of the ceremonies for the celebration of the establishment of the United Nations, representatives of the Baha’is pray at the Festival of Faith for the protection and preservation of world peace!

Truly, the actions of the politicians of the world are odd and their behavior is strange. On one side, they do not accept the representative of Communist China, with more than four hundred million in population, at the United Nations, on the other hand, they place the religion of the Baha’is, who are no more than a few thousand around the world, on the same level as the five major world religions, and the prominent international persons sit at the same table with their representative and pray in the same house of worship! Is this same action not a cause for arousing the sentiments and inciting the prejudices and hurting the feelings of Muslims, particularly the Iranians?