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Decision 3731

Date of issuance: 24/11/68 [13 February 1990]

Islamic Republic of Iran

Provisional Administrative Violations Review Board for the Department of Education, Province of Isfahan



In the Name of God, the Exalted

A meeting of the Provisional Administrative Violations Review Board was held on 11/11/68 [31 January 1990] in the presence of three [of its] principal members to review allegations from the Department of Education, District Five, Isfahan, against Mrs. Nayyereh Gandom Pakkon, daughter of Asadollah, holder of retirement number 30219-1/1/54 [21 March 1975], group 7, level 15, current status: retired teacher.

Charge:  Affiliation with the perverse Bahai sect


Procedural Synopsis: In light of the evidence in the case of Mrs. Nayyereh Gandom Pakkon, retired teacher from the Department of Education of Isfahan, who is accused of membership in the perverse Baha’i sect, she was asked, through letter number H/2522–[dated] 9/11/68 [29 January 1990], to provide a statement of defence. By way of response, in correspondence from her recorded in her file, the aforementioned admits that “I was born into a Baha’i family, and as to your reference to ‘Baha’i sect,’ it is not ‘sect,’ it is ‘the Baha’i Faith,’ and I am a great granddaughter of a noble  person by the name of Mulla Jafar-e Gandom Pakkon (the first who believed in the Bab in Isfahan), who was later among the 313 to be  martyred in their efforts for the Qaim, and….”

Accordingly, this Board issues the following decision:


With reference to the above and based on the fact that she has confessed to her membership in the perverse Baha’i sect, and that she is even proud of this, the charge against her is proven and established. As such, pursuant to Article 19 of the Administrative Violations Act, and with reference to Article 29, subsection 1 of same, she is sentenced to permanent dismissal from government services, as per note H of Article 10 of said Act. This decision was made unanimously, and can be appealed within one month of its issuance at the Board of Appeal [of the Administrative Violations Review Board] of the Department of Education. In the absence of appeal, this decision is final and binding from the date of issuance. 

Provisional Administrative Violations Review Board

Department of Education, Province of Isfahan

[signature over official stamp]