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Islamic Republic of Iran


From:  Khark Naval Base (Personnel)

To: T.F[1]. Naval Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Personnel – Graduate’s Employment Office)


Subject: Senior Chief Petty Officer, Electronics, Mansour Mehrabi

(Telephone -----)


Number: [illegible]

Date: [7 Khordad 1359] [28 May 1980]

Enclosures: None


In reference to numbers 14 – 20 – 7 – 102 + 24 Farvardin 1359 [13 April 1980]

We respectfully advise:

  1. The aforementioned non-commissioned officer has been serving in the Radar Unit of this base for around 6 years.  Since 5 years ago, when all the foreign specialists left this Unit, he took charge of the Island’s Radar and has been diligent in its upkeep and repair, to a satisfactory standard.
  2. The aforementioned officer is one of the best technicians available in the Force, so much so that since the beginning of the victorious revolution, notwithstanding his personal beliefs, he has maintained the functioning Radar system of the Island with diligence and patriotism.  Considering the [expected] many years of use of the Radar, the lack of delivery of parts by the manufacturer, the  scarcity of other parts in the open market, the aforementioned, by using personal, creative ideas, has built the necessary and urgent parts, this keeping the Radar operational without any delay.  This has been unprecedented in the whole history of this Radar.
  3. As you are aware, during the Operation to prevent the escape of the Naval fleet [Daryavand], this Radar was instrumental in its success, which was reported to the Command Post through reports numbers 3-504-35-73 + 20 Bahman 1358 [9 February 1980], and 180400 + 18 Bahman 1358 [7 February 1980].
  4. In addition to the operational benefits of the aforementioned to this Force, his personal discipline and patriotism are exemplary to the whole base.
  5. Removing him would be a major disaster for this base as removing him as a human resource specialist would disable the Radar which is of vital importance for the Islamic Republic of Iran, particularly at this juncture.
  6. This base has sent requests to the Personnel Office by letters numbers 30701-03-9 + 17 Farvardin 1359 [6 April 1980], and 3-701-03-2 + 3 Esfand 1358 [22 February 1980] asking for a replacement technical officer and has not received any response as yet.  And should the Commander send a replacement, please keep in mind, in order to achieve favourable results, a period of at least 6 months of training is needed for that person to learn the Radar’s sophisticated system which has so far been up and running only by the creativity of the aforementioned.

Therefore, regarding the removal of the [aforementioned] Baha’i personnel, and considering the above points and the fact that he has given written commitment not to promote his beliefs – which he has never done, we request the withdrawal of his dismissal order, if possible.

[This request is] Subject to your command:

Commander of the Khark Naval Base – Commander Ahmadian-Tehrani



T/ 320





[1] [ Acronym:  Commander of Brigade]