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5 Mehr 1952 [27 September 1973]



The National Gendarmerie [Police] Headquarters


We respectfully inform you of the following.  Given the possibility that during the sacred month of Ramadan there might be actions taken against the Baha’is in the cities, villages, and rural communities at the provocations of ill-intentioned and trouble-seeking individuals, we beseech your highness to issue strict orders regarding the protection and safeguarding of Baha’i individuals across the country.

With great regret, we inform you that, recently, in some localities, they have not even refrained from condemning, abusing, slighting, and insulting the things that are holy to Baha’is and, in so doing, have cause hurt and offence to a number of our trustworthy and faithful countrymen.

We are certain that the law enforcement and security systems which are dedicated to protecting people’s lives and property, are in no way in agreement with such harassment and persecution, and will always be the true protectors and guardians of the rights of the people in this country.


With expressions of respect

Chairperson of the [National Spiritual] Assembly


Secretary of the Assembly