Nasrollah Amini

Born: 1915, Korougan, Jasb

Executed by hanging in Khaniabad, Tehran on 16 May 1982


Nasrollah Amini was born into a Baha’i family in a village called Korougan, near Jasb.  At the age of 10, he was sent to Tehran to further his education.  In Tehran at the age of 15 he was entrusted with the management of the properties of a Baha’i friend in Khaniabad.  In later years, he was elected on the Local Spiritual Assembly[1] of Khaniabad and served in that capacity for nearly 50 years.

On 12 October 1981, his house was raided and searched by a number of Pasdars.  Thirteen days later, on 25 October 1981, his arrest was ordered.  He was held in a dark damp cell at the Central Komiteh for one night, together with a fellow believer and friend, Saadollah Babazadeh.  The next evening the head of the Komiteh, who thought highly of him, released both men for the night hoping that they would flee the town.  However, they were requested to present themselves to the Komiteh the next morning. As requested they appeared at the Komiteh the following morning and it was not until three weeks later that their families discovered they were being imprisoned at Evin prison.  Three months later his family was allowed their first visit with him.  Then on 16 May 1982, both men were executed.  Their families were not informed of their execution until 5 days later.  Their bodies were not returned to their families; it is believed they were buried in the Khaniabad infidels’ cemetery by the authorities.


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[1] Local Spiritual Assembly: a nine-member administrative body elected annually by the Baha’is of a particular area, tasked with overseeing the affairs of the Baha’i community of that area.