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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Education

Department of Education, Tehran Province, Area 6

Nima Yushij Girls’ Junior High School



Date: 19/7/63 [11 October 1984]



In the Name of God


To: Junior High School Unit, Tehran Province, Area 6

From: Nima Yushij Junior High School

Respectfully, this is to certify that sister Nasim Khanlari was a student in the third grade at this high school until 18/7/63 [10 October 1984] and was expelled from this school because she is a Baha’i.

[While she was a student at this school], the behaviour of the above-named was satisfactory.

Yearly Average Score of second grade 17.35 (seventeen and thirty-five hundredths) [out of 20]

and Conduct grade 20 [out of 20]


With thanks, Acting principal of Nima Yushij Junior High School




[Signature over official stamp]

Address – [Address is provided]