[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


Central registration number -----

Province registration number County 77

Date of issue -----

Technical field -----



The Ministry of Health

Public Directorate Head Office

Medical Disciplinary Office

[Official stamp]



Name: Naser; Surname: Vafaie; Father’s name: Gholam-Ali; Identification number and place of issue/Licence number of residence and place of issue: 1247/Hamadan; Citizenship: Iran; Marital status: married; Number of children: 2; Number date and place of issue of the degree: 32079 – 21 Mehr 1339 [13 October 1960] Tehran; License number and date of issue: 87/2656 – 29 Ordibehesht 1348 [19 May 1969]. It became permanent on this date. 

The assessment and the valuation of the education degree and number and the date of issue of the doctorate in medicine: 32079 – 21 Mehr 1339 [13 October 1960]; Specialty: -----; Place of occupation: Hamadan; Number and Date of issue of the occupation permit: -----; Address: [Address]; Telephone: 3838.

I certify the contents of this card as true and the original is in my possession.

Signature of the cardholder: -----

The contents of this card are certified as true.  The card holder signed in my presence.

Signature of the head of the office: [Signature]

[Official stamp of the Ministry of Health]