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Ministry of the Interior

Governorate of Kashan

[Number:] 5520

[Date:] 26 Tir 1324 [17 July 1945]


Head of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Kashan,


According to the recent order received from the national headquarters, to investigate the matter of disputes between the Muslims and the Baha’is, Sergeant Major Khameie, from the battalion of Arak, travelled to the location. On his return, the said officer brought an 11-page report, including the names of six people, namely: 1. Taghi Danesh, 2. Sayyid Mahmoud Amiri, 3. Ali Salimi, 4. Taghi Bandehshahi, 5. Abbas Mosleh, 6. Ahmad Farhadi.

Relying on his own investigation, he has stated that three of the above-mentioned, 1. Ali Salimi, 2. Taghi Danesh, 3. Sayyid Mahmoud Amiri, [in addition to the fact that] they have long records of [being repeated offenders] in Kashan Governorate and the Prosecutor’s Office, [specifically] Ali Salimi has been involved in the recent disturbance of Aran, and Sayyid Mahmoud Amiri took part in setting fire to the door of the property of Ali-Akbar Sharaghi, which is the subject of case number 4459 of 6 Tir 1324 [27 June 1947]. Now, they [all three] repeatedly harass and harm the Baha’is and prevent them from leading their normal life.

According to the statements of the alderman of the Village of Aran, who declared [this] during the investigation, real peace will only come to the village when the mentioned individuals are expelled from [it].  In relation to this matter, a further written report will be [sent] to the Governorate. Abbas Mosleh and Taghi Bandehshahi are also identified and accused [of acting] as the ringleaders of the disturbances of the mentioned village. Those who set fire to the door of the property of Ali Akbar Sharaghi have been identified as 1. Ahmad Farhadi, 2. Sayyid Mahmoud Amiri, and 3. Ali Ameli. The last one, upon being identified, fled the area.

We introduce herewith six accused individuals and enclose [?] pages of the relevant court brief.


Head of the Gendarmerie of Kashan,

First Lieutenant Shahrabi,



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