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In the Name of God


The Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran


Date: 26 Ordibehesht 1390 [16 May 2011]

Reference Number: 900096

Enclosure: -----


Auction Notice for Sale of Movable Properties

[In relation to] case reference number 90096, subject to the case of Semnan City Water Resources Department against Nejatollah Khanjani, son of Ghodratollah, according to Article 66 of the enforcement of civil judgments and 127 A.D.M, the Criminal Decisions Enforcement Department of Semnan Judiciary has decided to sell the following livestock through public and face-to-face auctions:

1- 116 ewes with lambs, per head worth 4,500,000 rials, for a total amount of 522,000,000 rials

2- Eleven ewes without lambs, per head worth 2,900,000 rials, for a total amount of 31,900,000 rials

3- Three goats, per head worth 2,600,000 rials, for a total amount of 7,800,000 rials

4- Twenty-seven yearlings, per head worth 1,600,000 rials, for a total amount of 43,200,000 rials

It has been evaluated in the total amount of 604,900,000 rials. The auction will take place on Tuesday, 10 Khordad 1390 [31 May 2011] at 9:00 a.m. in Khanjani Corral, Chah-e Shirin area near Larestan Station of Semnan. The buyer must bid the highest price and pay the full amount on the spot. Obviously, after full payment, the cattle will be given to the buyer on the spot.


Public Prosecutor for the Execution of Orders of Public and Revolutionary Court in Semnan

[Stamp and signature]


[Stamp, registered in the Secretariat Office, Number 45 - 26 Ordibehesht 1390 [16 May 2011]]