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Jihad-i-Sazandegi [Jihad f Construction] Organization

Semnan Province

In the Name of God


Number: 642/11646/M/A

Date: 9 Shahrivar 1378 [31 August 1999]

Enclosure: Yes


Brother of Nejatollah Khanjani


Respectfully, pursuant to the letter number 1200/21137/M/A, dated 26 Khordad 1378 [16 June 1999] and unimpeded without implementing the plan and according to the attached letter of the Head Office of Natural Resources Department, it is necessary to follow-up and coordinate with the Watershed Department, management of Jihad-i-Sazandegi of the City of Semnan. D/5/25.


Mohammad Hosein Shariati

Manager of Watershed Department


9 Shahrivar 1378 [31 August 1999]