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Ministry of the Interior

Provincial Government of the Tenth Province

The Governorate of Isfahan

Number: 9

Date: 19 Mordad 1322 [11 August 1943]





Governorate of the Tenth Province, Isfahan,

According to a report from the village headman of Najafabad, Ali Fathi, Shoghi Effendi has lately ordered the Baha’is of Najafabad, who number about eight hundred, to leave Najafabad and each nine-member group of them, [to relocate to] the different surrounding villages. So far, they have moved into the villages of Faridan, Kraoun and the district of Shahreza, and the rest are in the process of moving.

This report is sent in anticipation of your orders, so they can be followed.


The Mayor and District Manager of Najafabad, 

Ma’soumi [signature]


[Handwritten note:] Office: appropriate directives have been communicated to the police and gendarmerie. To be archived. 24 Mordad 1322 [16 August 1943]