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In the Name of God


Date: 25 Azar 1392 [16 December 2013]

Number: 1342

Enclosure: None



Greengrocers’ Trade Union Hamadan

Registration number: 1

Code: 91202340


Mr. Naim Aghdasi Yekta


Concerning letter number 1337, your suitability to sell and distribute food products and drinks has been denied by the relevant authorities. As a result, and pursuant to Article 16 of the executive by-laws of Article 12 of the Trade Union Code, your commercial licence is hereby cancelled and your shop will be closed.

You are also informed that since you have delayed [surrendering] your business licence, the union will revoke it and will inform the relevant authorities for legal procedures.

You are asked to respect the law, and refrain from breaking the law, and remove all food products and drinks within 15 days [of this notice] and apply for a licence for another job through another union.


Reza Beh Zare

Director of Greengrocers Trade Union in Hamadan


Copies to:

----- The Office of Amakin in Hamadan

----- The director of the Commission for Overseeing the Trade Unions in Hamadan