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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Ministry of Welfare and Social Services National Pension Bureau

Central Office, Province of Tehran


Date:  2/3/90 [23 May 2011]

Number:  490/430



Management of Department Education, Region 17, Tehran

Subject:  Payment of pension to Mrs. Nahid Mehrabkhani




Considering that, according to order number 123360/15, dated 17/12/62 [7 March 1984], the above-mentioned individual was dismissed from employment [because she] is an adherent of the Baha’i belief, she is not entitled to receive pension payments.


Mahmoud Seilsopour

Director, Central Office, Tehran




The Secretariat of the Department of Education, Region 17

Number 17/54664/55.  Date:  7/3/90 [28 May 2011]


[Stamp stating the following:]

In the Name of God—respected Director of the Secretariat,

Subsequent to entering the information in the automated system please forward to Houman Resources for further action.


Head of the Department of Education, Region 17

[Signature-7/3/90 (28 May 2011)]