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Telegram to the individuals listed below


  1. The Esteemed Hojjatol-Islam, Mr. Ali Akbar Mohtashami
  2. The Esteemed Mr. Mousavi Khoeiniha, Prosecutor General
  3. His Excellency the President, Sayed Ali Khamenei
  4. The Esteemed Mr. Haj Ahmadi Khomeini
  5. The Respected Prime Minister, Mir Hossain Mousavi, the Respected Prime Minister
  6. The Esteemed Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, the Head of the Islamic Council


With respect, I convey the following. On 21 Dey 1367 [11 January 1989], the mother of the undersigned Nahid Enayati, by the name of (Farhang Enayati), passed away and was taken to a lot on the east side of Tehran, which has been designated as a cemetery for the deceased Baha’is.  Unfortunately, the authorities in charge of the Bahesht-e Zahra organization prevented the burial of the deceased and demanded the payment of one hundred thousand rials for this purpose.

Given that payment of such a sum is not in any way possible for me and my family, and the fact that I have been in a financial crisis from the beginning of the Revolution until now, and I am currently engaged in housekeeping and earn a living with hardship, I plead with you either to order that  the deceased be buried at the rate previously established by the Behesht-e Zahra organization, or to allow us to use the land that has been purchased for this purpose at the order of the Ministry of the Interior and the Tehran mayor’s office with the one-by-one-rial contributions of the Baha’is.

Your Highnesses’ favour will be the cause of peace for the soul of the deceased and a balm to the hearts of her grieving and sorrowful family.


Respectfully, Nahid Enayati