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[Personal information has been redacted.]


13 Mehr 1360 [5 October 1981]



Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Education

Head Office of the Department of Education, Yazd Province


It is certified that:

Student, Nader Bagheri Ghalat Paeen, son of Mohammad, birth certificate number [redacted] is a student [in the academic year] of 1360-1361 [1981-1982], was studying in this institution until 13 Mehr 1360 [5 October 1981].  However, owing to his own written [admission to being] a Baha’i, and based on circular number 28664/10 dated 12 Mehr 1360 [4 October 1981] of the Head [Office] of the Ministry of Education in Yazd Province he is hereby barred from continuing his education in this institution.


Principal of the High School, Kouye Maskan va Shahrsazi

Ahmad Zamani