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[Personal information has been redacted.]

[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Nabard-e Mellat

[Date:] 22/2/1358, [12 May 1979]


... add to the fetid remnants of SAVAK[1], communists and Baha’is—who are the accomplices of the executioner Bakhtiyar[2]-- the sympathisers and the assassins of the group [known as] Forqan.


Last week, a flyer titled (Freedom Front!! Official publication of [?] Party!!), reached us, which revived the memories from twenty-seven or -eight years ago. At that time a number of hypocritical pretenders, who aimed at attaining a wealth gathered together...


And it is noteworthy that this miserable person who wanted to prove himself as Muslim through stating “I testify that There is no other God except God”, either does not know, because of his ignorance, that the expression that “I testify that There is no other God except God” is not enough to prove he is a Muslim, or because he is not a Muslim ( for example, he is a Baha’i or a Jew), he is deliberately refusing [to make] the declaration of “I testify that Mohammed is the prophet of God and I testify that Ali is his guardian”, which states the two specific testimonies of Islam and Shi’ism.  The believer of every religion confesses to the existence and uniqueness of God, and this confession alone [i.e., one or other of the first two testimonies] does not prove a person to be a Muslim


You, who, with these insidious convulsions and treacherous dissensions, and the opposition to the fundamentals of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, have aligned yourself with the CIA, SAVAK and the Commission [?], and the Baha’is and slayers of those who believe in the Qur’an, have suddenly removed the mask from your face, revealing your hideous, despicable and loathsome countenances.






[1] [Acronym: “National Intelligence and Information Agency”, The intelligence agency under the Pahlavi regime]

[2] [The last Prime Minister of the Pahlavi regime]