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[Newspaper:] Nabard-e-Mellat

[Date:] 25 Farvardin 1358 [14 April 1979]


A Glimpse at the Operations of the Imam’s Islamic Committee in Karaj

How are the Fairy-tale Palaces and Wealth of the Plunderers of History Doing?

Karaj is a town of fairy-tale wealth and palaces, [bringing to mind the] tales of [“One Thousand and One Nights”].

The sky-scraping palaces and the incalculable wealth of the Pahlavi dynasty are concentred in this town. [It] has always been a place of leisure and lust for this family, those who never remembered our Muslim people, and by looting the wealth of the disadvantaged, [were] selling the national riches, demeaning the sacrament of the people of this town and, far from the eyes of the nation, from dusk to dawn, spent their time in lust and pleasure—so much so, that Ashraf Pahlavi’s palace has accrued six hundred million tomans over the past ten years. There have been tens of thousands of bottles of cognac and whisky in its stock rooms. We were urged, with these facts in mind, to visit the Imam’s Islamic Committee and raise some issues, which are currently presented for the attention of the readers:

Hojjatollah Shojooni, Imam Khomeini’s special delegate in Karaj, said in an interview, “In future, we will be facing anti-revolutionary people who are, unfortunately, dressed as revolutionaries.”

Q – Mr. Shojooni, when did you start fighting against evil, how long were you imprisoned, and what are your responsibilities in the committee?

A – I [have been] fighting against evil-doers since 1330 [1951/1952], and, as SAVAK put it, I acted against the national security. In [13]34 [1945/1946] I was imprisoned in Qom, Tehran Railways and Bagh-e-Shah Prisons, and then in the Baha’i centre [military headquarters], charged with collaboration with the late Mojahed Seyyed Mojtaba Navvab Safavi, the head of Fadaian-e Eslam. And my fight continues; such was the situation that I was detained twice after that date, and I have been sentenced in some [instances]. And since the day Imam Khomeini took over the leadership of the fight competently, on 15 Khordad [13]42 [5 June 1963], I, too, submitted to him and by his command I have the responsibility of the Karaj committee. I am a soldier and obedient to the commands of a commander, none other than Imam Khomeini.