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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Nabard-e Mellat

[Date:] 17 Tir 1334 [9 July 1955]

[Issue No:] 123


…We want primarily to attract the attention of the prime minister and the cabinet in its entirety, and then the attention of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to this discussion.

Our topic in mind is this. In the last couple of months, the clerics and those interested in the Islamic community of Iran have lost their patience with the betrayals and crimes of the religion-fabricators and international spies. The national authorities and the parliament declared this misled and misleading sect to be a disruptive group, and it was decided to prevent their harmful propagations and their espionage nest and the centre of disruption called the Haziratu’l-Quds was finally occupied….

We ask the Ministry of Foreign Affairs—at a time when the government of Iran has been forced to prevent the poisonous propaganda of a misled, disruptive and spying sect, when the agents of this group have deceived the foreign press and they protest against the decisions of the government and nation of Iran, and provoke and excite the minds of the people abroad, and accuse Iran of breaching the international agreements and treaties, and introduce the Iranian nation as an obstacle to freedom of thought, and accuse Iran of [attacking] the public and private laws, and destroy Iran’s reputation abroad—should the agents of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs be spectators and not respond to the harmful propaganda and deceitful publications of the sheep?

…Do the agents of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs not know that hundreds of criminal cases of transgression and murders [committed by] these human-faced wolves exist in the Justice Department?

Do the agents of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs not know that internal disturbance and the external espionage and betrayal of a nation and the public interest is the occupation of these beasts?

Do they not know that this perverse group mocks nationality and patriotism?

In that case, why do they not neutralize the harmful propaganda and poisonous publications of these spies and religious game-players [those who play the religion]?

Strange indeed! The newly opened embassy of Pakistan in Iran, starting a while ago, right after the news of the Afghanistan government’s decision regarding Pashtounestan and claims of that government against Pakistan regarding the ownership of Pakistan’s border province was published, held a press conference in Tehran, revealed some facts in defence of the rights of its government and provided explanations. Were the officials of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs not responsible and are they not to reveal the facts against the dangerous propaganda of this misled sect through press conferences and block the deceptive work of this irreligious and unpatriotic group?...