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Ministry of the Interior,

The National Police Force


[Without number and date]

[Copy of the letter [from the] Jameyyat-e Muslemin-e Qom[1]]


Distinguished Governor of Qom,

Copy to:

His Holiness the Islamic Religious Jurist

Mr. Towleyyat,

The Head of the Judiciary

The Police Force


It has been a while since some atheist [impious] elements, who introduce themselves as a Baha’i group, became engaged in activities against Islam and the Jafari faith.  But unfortunately, you have not taken any action to stop and interrupt their organization.  Your lack of attention to this matter has prompted a group of fearless and brave youth of Qom, with complete unity and in obedience to the sanctified principles of the Jafari faith, to arise for the annihilation [of the Baha’is]. At the same time, however, [we] first point out the certain indispensable duties [that law has] prescribed for the Governorate.

The first Article of the Supplement to the Iranian Constitution indicates that the official religion of Iran is Islam and its rightful religion is the Jafari [belief in the Twelfth] Imam[2], and the king must follow and promote this religion.  Considering the explicit text of the Constitution, it is obvious that our official and national religion is Islam, and the king should consider the promotion of this sacred religion as [his] duty and provide all the means for its promotion and propagation all over Iran.  It is clear that, according to the Constitution, the king actively endeavours to fulfil [his] duties, suppresses the opposition, and with the most grievous punishments, condemns it.  But, unfortunately, the representative of the king, in the person of the governor, does absolutely nothing to interfere in these affairs.


Herewith we, the Muslim youth, are informing all the government agencies, and particularly bringing to the attention of the governor the unseemly conduct [of these Baha’is].  They have arisen against the sanctified principles of Islam.  They are against the principles of the Constitution and democracy.  They oppose our lives, possessions, honour, religion, nation and independence.  They fight and struggle against the principle of the Constitution, which is the price of the life-blood of fifteen million Iranians.  Because of our religious beliefs, and as an ultimatum, in summary, we inform you and all the government departments of this danger.  Should you undertake befitting endeavours, there would be nothing better, otherwise we would endeavour to the best of our ability to annihilate these atheist [impious] elements; even if it leads to the destruction of the civil order, we will materialize our intentions, if the Governorate does not pay any attention [to our warning]. Given that we want to follow our aims, [we] hesitate to sign this document individually.


From the Islamic Group


Copy identical to the Original [Signature]


This is a true copy of the Original



[1] [The Society of Muslims of Qom]

[2] [A Shia faith that believes in the leadership of 12 Imams after the Prophet of Islam.]