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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Public number: ------

Private number: ------

Bin: ------

File: -----


Office of the Prime Minister

Unit: -----

Type of draft: ------

Subject of draft: ------

Enclosure: ------

Clean copy drafter: ------

Date of draft: ------

Month: ------

Date of registration: -----

Month: -----


Confidential, Direct, Urgent

Ministry of Justice

Enclosed is a copy of letter number N/17164-2/11995 – 2 Esfand 1328 [21 February 1950] from the Ministry of Interior in regard to the murder of Dr. Berjis.

After the conclusion of local investigations, issue instructions to bring the accused from Kashan and Abarghou to Tehran for further judicial proceedings – Prime Minister

Copy will be forwarded to the Ministry of Interior for their information. It is befitting to arrange for the relevant governors and governors general to receive directives to vigilantly prevent any kind of protests – Prime Minister

The enclosed copy and the copy to the Ministry of Interior will be forwarded to the State Police Headquarters to give orders for urgent directives to be issued to relevant police divisions to be vigilant in preventing protests.


Prime Minister


6 Esfand 1328 [25 February 1950]