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Islamic Republic of Iran Justice Administration

Record of interrogation and proceedings

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Date: day -----13

Booklet Holder: 558/74 [illegible]

File number: 558/74 [illegible]


After reviewing the file record, the court hereby concludes the hearing and issues the judgment as follows.


Concerning the [first] charges of murder of a non-Muslim and [second charge] escaping from military service brought against Mr. Hasan Ebrahim-Gol, son of Gholam-Hosein, a married man, born in and resident of Ananjerd, regarding the first charge, in light of the report from the police, the complaints of the next of kin, the discovery of the body, and the confessions of the accused during the investigation and in the police station, the offense is proven.  However, given that, in accordance with the statement of the victim's father, and inasmuch the victim was—in accordance with the statements of his father and the residents of the area in which he performed his [army duty] services and his identification documents—a follower of Bahá’í sect, he is not entitled to diyih [blood money], nor is it appropriate to conduct qisas [retaliation for manslaughter].  The accused is therefore sentenced to three years’ imprisonment by virtue of Section 208 of the Islamic Penal Law.

Concerning the second charge, by virtue of Sections 1 and 40 of the Armed Forces Penal Act, approved in 1371 [1992], the court and the Prosecutor's Office in the City of Arak do not have jurisdiction to deal with the case. As for the charges of facilitating the escape of the accused, aiding and abetting to avoid a trial, and concealing evidence against Mohammad-Hasan Khani, son of Haydar, given his confession, which is in line with the statements of the first accused, his unreasonable defense, and the contents of the file, which have led the court to be confident [of his guilt], his offense is proven; therefore, by virtue of Section 42 of the Tazirat [punishment] Act, he is sentenced to 74 lashes.

Concerning the other defendants, by the names of 1) Esmail Ebrahim-Gol, 2)  Ghasem Ebrahim-Gol, and 3)  Zekri Ebrahim-Gol, all sons of Gholam - Hosein; 4) Gholam-Hosein Ebrahim-Gol, son of Asadollah; and Shirin Naraghi-Gol, daughter of Hasan, all of whom are accused of hiding the accused and the evidence, they are found not to be guilty in the absence of sufficient evidence, and noting the principle of innocence until proven guilty. This verdict was issued in the presence of the defendants and can be appealed to the Provincial Court of Appeal within 20 days of service.

Court of Ashtiyan