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Shahid Mostafa Khomeini Hospital


In His Name, the Exalted,

[First line is illegible] [Imam Khomeini]


Date: 25/09/60 [16 December 1981]

Number: 7/3686



Mrs. Beyzaei,


Given that you are a follower of the perverse Baha’i sect, and based on the Human Resources Restructuring Law for government dependent departments, passed by the Islamic Consultative Assembly, and as prescribed in section 1 of Article 19 and section 8 of Article 29 of the aforementioned law, [you are] a subject of the restructuring process, and as of 26/09/1360 [17 December 1981] your employment is hereby terminated at this hospital.


Dr. Fazel

Director of Shahid Mostafa Khomeini Hospital



25/09/1360 [16 December 1981]


Tehran – [address]