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Bonyad-e Mostazafan va Janbazan [Foundation for the Poor, and the Veterans] of the Islamic Revolution


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In His Exalted Name


The meeting of the Council for Exceptions to the Regulations is held on 22 Mordad 1369 [13 August 1990] with all members present to review the file of Mr. Mousa Ehsani. Subsequent to reviewing the file, a decision is made as follows:

Council’s Decision

1- With reference to the letter number 66/TA/21188, dated 12 Esfand 1368 [3 March 1990], of the Execution of Orders of the Prosecutor’s Supervisory, given that no objection has been made regarding the residence of Mr. Mousa Ehsani, as per the instructions, until issuance of a final order the residence shall remain in his possession.

2- In relation to the source and means of his income, with reference to his clear and explicit admissions during the meeting held on 29 Tir 1366 [20 July 1987], and with further reference to the fact that the Council for Exceptions to the Regulations rejected his request on 29 Tir 1366 [20 July 1987], there is no merit for reconsideration.

Head of Council [signature]

Office of Movable Assets [signature]

Office of Lands and Properties [signature]

Office of Investigation and Reclamation [signature]

Secretary of the Council [signature]