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Ministry of the Interior

Kashan and Natanz Government


Content of the Order of Mohammad-ul Islam Mr. Mulla Habibollah

Addressed to Sadrol-Vaezin 

Your Excellency Mr. Seyyed Mahmoud Sadrol-Vaezin, May Exalted God Keep [You] Healthy

Since I am not feeling [illegible] and am unable to move to be present at the School’s Taziyeh [a type of passion play], I am writing so that you will certainly go onto the pulpit and talk about the calamities and mourning, and recommend that other mourners recount the tragic events; why have you suspended [them]? With regard to the Vahdat-e Bashar [Unity of Mankind] School, inform the people and the audience on my behalf that, since these are the days of mourning [Passion play] and the recounting of the calamities of the pious Holy Family, there is no place for talking about the school closures and so forth. It would be best to [urge] people to disperse and get busy with their work and businesses. God willing, in a few days, once I feel better under the ruler of the glorious government, [with] Your Excellency’s support and perfect deeds, all sorts of actions will be taken, and the school will be closed permanently through religious standards and proper channels. [Illegible].

[Illegible] Al-Hagh Habibollah Al-Sharif on 11 Moharram-ul Haram 1340 [23 Shahrivar 1300 - 14 September 1921]

(O Beloved of the hearts of the Learned)


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