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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Mouood

[Date:] 9 Aban 1390 [31 October 2011]


The Pervasive Crisis of the Islamic East and the One-State World

The leaders and supporters of all three currents took refuge in the safe caves of the United States and Britain as soon as they felt threatened. Most occidental liberals and atheist leaders, along with influential and wealthy Baha’i leaders and Baha’is in Britain, Israel, and the United States, are the main operators of anti-Islamic, anti-Shia, and anti-Iranian media.

One of the important obstacles to the emergence and presence of His Holiness the Lord of the Age is the unpreparedness of Muslims and believers of the Holy Family, and one of the conditions for preparation is the knowledge of Muslims about the enemies of the family of Muhammad (PBUH). Of course, I have already discussed, [with regard to] the living and actual enemies of the present age, the ominous triangle of Zionist Muslims―namely, the three sides of Wahhabism, Baha’ism and liberalism.

Baha’ism left Iran after the serious reaction of the late Amir Kabir and the awakening of a group of Shia scholars and authorities, and took refuge in the lap of the occupying Zionists in order to find a foothold among the common people and the official political system of Iran, through a gradual propaganda movement.

In Iran, through the mobilization of liberal intellectuals and the pretend intellectual Zionist Muslims, under the support of Western political and cultural foundations and currents, they first emerged from their caves and began to attack.

Under the shadow of this current, the second side, Baha’ism, in a position of partnership, and oppressed, appeared as a religion in order to declare its official status alongside other religions, and in parallel with this effort, by exploiting the created space, increased its widespread propaganda and recruiting strength.

The third current, starting in a large part of the Islamic world, first introduced itself to the oppressed of the Islamic world in the form of an Islamist, anti-American and anti-Jewish current, and by gaining prestige as a rival to the Shia Islamic Revolution, devoted all its forces to weakening Iran’s revolutionary and reformist positions.

These three ominous sides of the Zionist Muslims came to the aid of the West in a situation where successive earthquakes and political, economic, social and moral crises had placed the West in a completely passive position towards the Islamic East.

Baha’ism introduced Muhammad Ali the Bab [sic] as the promised Mahdi and announced the appearance and presence of this Holy Promised One as the final fulfilment. Finally, the Wahhabis, by pursuing the polytheistic way of Wahhabism, have denied the principle of the Imamate and Guardianship of the Imams of the religion, let alone believing in Mahdism, the emergence and resurrection of the Holy Promised One against all [their] infidelity, polytheism and arrogation.

All three currents have united against the Shia intellectual and cultural current; whereas in the Islamic world, this current, believing in the Imamate and the Guardianship, is the only current that has stood up to Jewish arrogance and colonization.