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Islamic Republic of Iran


Court Order

Court -----


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Date: 27 Bahman 1365 [16 February 1987]

Case Reference: 3591/ 65

Court Order Number: 4648/ 65

Administrative Court: Branch 69 of Legal Court 2 of Tehran

Applicant: Narges Samimi - [redacted]

Respondent: -----

Grievance: Issuance of certificate for sole inheritance

Procedural Synopsis: The applicant has submitted a judicial request as noted above. After the referral of the file to this Branch and its registration as per the above reference, and following routine legal procedure, at an extraordinary session, the court, presided over by the undersigned, is convened to review the file.  Subsequent to reviewing the file records, the court hereby concludes the hearing and issues a decision as follows.


Court Order

The application of Mrs. Narges Samimi, daughter of Reza, is concerning the issuance of a sole inheritance certificate with the explanation that the late Gholam-Reza A’laie Ilkhchi, son of Enayatollah, born in 1345 [1966/67], was martyred during the sacred front-line military service in Marivan, and the sole heir to the deceased at the time of death as declared by the applicant is herself, his mother. She added that both she and the deceased adhere to the Baha'i sect. Considering that Bahaism is not one of the officially recognized religions in Article 13 of the Islamic Republic Constitution, and not covered under Article 6 of the Civil Code and the Single Article for Permission to Consider Personal Status of Non-Shia Iranians, as per precedent 37 - 19 of Azar 1363 [10 December 1984] of the Public Commission of the Supreme Court, [the court], based on the above reasoning, dismisses the request and issues an order accordingly. This court order can be appealed in Legal Court 1 of Tehran. 

Head of Branch 69 of Legal Court 2 of Tehran - Mohammad Ebrahim Taef